Rep. Mark Pocan On Proposed Congressional Ethics Changes, Women In Romantic Comedies, The Agenda For The 115th Congress

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The 115th Congress was sworn in Tuesday. Republicans have a majority in the House, Senate, and executive branches. Analysts are calling the Congressional priorities the most sweeping conservative agenda in decades. We talk to a political reporter about this agenda and what issues Republicans are still arguing about. We also discuss how, despite happy endings, the romantic comedy genre may actually be undermining women. And we talk to U.S. Representative Mark Pocan about a proposed change to Congressional ethics.

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  • House GOP Votes To Dismantle Ethics Office, Reverses Course After Criticism

    Last night in a secret meeting of House Republicans, members voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics which serves as an independent, nonpartisan oversight agency. However, they reversed course today in the face of criticism from voters and President-elect Donald Trump. On the first day of the 115th Session of Congress, we speak with Representative Mark Pocan (D-WI 2nd District) about the news.

  • How Hollywood Rom-Coms Disregard Women

    A culture writer tells us why she believes that Hollywood romantic comedies are to blame for blurring the lines between love and creepiness, or worse, violence. We look at classics like When Harry Met Sally to more contemporary movies like Hitch.

  • The Agenda For The 115th Congress

    On Tuesday the 115th Congress was sworn into service. Republicans have control of the House, Senate, and the Executive Branch, and they have what some have called the most sweeping conservative agenda in decades. We talk to a political reporter about that agenda and what sticking points remain.

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