Remembering Parts Of Pre-Pandemic Life, How To Socialize Better In These Times

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An author shares some of her thoughts about people recognizing feelings of sadness — around seemingly less significant aspects of their lives before the pandemic. And a physician joins us to discuss ways to socialize more safely, as colder temperatures are doing to drive activity indoors more and more.

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  • Mourning The Small Pleasures And Routines Of Life Before The Pandemic

    We take the time to mourn the loss of some of those small pleasures — a monthly get together with friends, stopping at a local bookstore to browse, going to an exercise class, whatever it may be for you — that we miss from before the world was swept up in a pandemic.

  • How To Socialize Safely During The Pandemic

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people have had to maintain social and physical distance from their friends and loved ones. As we head into the colder fall and winter months, we talk to a doctor who says that there’s a smart way to socialize safely.

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