Religious affiliation, Exercising as we age, Food and religion

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The inside of Grace Lutheran Church.
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We learn about the ongoing trend of more Americans reporting no religious affiliation. We also discuss ways to adapt your exercise routine as you age. Plus, the ways religion has influenced the foods we eat.

  • America is experiencing a historic decline in church attendance

    Fewer and fewer Christians in the United States are regularly attending church services. The co-author of a new book digs into why this trend has accelerated in recent years and what this “great dechurching” could mean for families, communities, and American society.

  • How your workout should change as you age

    Having an active lifestyle is essential to living a long, healthy life. But as your body changes with time, your workout should too. We talk to a physical therapist about how to adapt our exercise habits so that we can stay active well into old age.

  • How the foods we eat were shaped by religious movements

    Food has a long history of helping people establish and celebrate their spiritual beliefs. We talk to the author of a new book looking at the historical connections between what we eat and what we believe.

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