Reinsurance In Wisconsin, Cyber Weapons, Finding Middle Ground In Respecting Animals

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The animal rights debate tends to be a polarized one with extreme sides, but the author of a new book suggests it doesn’t have to be. We talk the law professor about making ethical decisions that balance the interests of animals and the interests of humans. We also look at the threats posed by autonomous cyber weapons. Plus, we find out what the federal government’s approval of a reinsurance wavier in Wisconsin means for health care.

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  • Trump Administration Approves Walker's $200 Million Reinsurance Plan

    Governor Walker signed a $200 million dollar reinsurance plan Sunday that is expected to lower the cost of premiums for people with individual health care plans in Wisconsin. Governor Walker and state lawmakers approved the move earlier this year but needed the federal government to sign off on the plan. Philip Rocco, assistant professor of political science at Marquette University, joins us to talk about the plan and what it might mean for the election year.

  • Autonomous Cyber Weapons May Change The Future Of Warfare

    How to regulate drones or missiles get a lot of attention, but cyber weapons that function on their own may pose an even bigger threat. We talk to a security expert about the dangers they pose and what can be done to protect against large-scale cyber attacks.

  • Finding A Middleground In Respecting Animals

    There are many intersections where animal meets human– zoos, family farms, dinner plates, clothing fibers, parks, hunting land and more. There are many ethical choices we make about animals and animal products in our daily lives. We talk to the author of a new book who says our relationship with pets, food, and wildlife can be one of respect with balance.

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