Reince Priebus And Anthony Scaramucci Out Of Trump Administration, Study Shows Brain Damage In Football Players

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The White House saw more staffing changes in recent days. We talk to a political reporter about the recent departures: Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff and Anthony Scarmucci as White House Communications Director. A new study looked at the brains of more than a hundred deceased NFL players and found that all but one exhibited signs of the degenerative disease C.T.E. We talk with a doctor about the findings and how repeated head trauma affects the brain.

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  • Reince Priebus Out As White House Chief Of Staff, Scaramucci Removed As Communications Director

    On Friday afternoon President Donald Trump announced General John F. Kelly as the new White House Chief of Staff on Twitter. He replaces Reince Priebus of Wisconsin. We look back the career of Priebus, from state party official to the White House. We also discuss the President’s removal of Anthony Scaramucci as White House Communications Director, reportedly at the request of John F. Kelly.

  • Study: CTE Found In The Majority Of Donated Deceased Football Player Brains

    In a recent study of donated brains of over 200 deceased football players…from those who played in high school all the way to those who played in the NFL…researchers found that the vast majority of them did in fact have CTE, a neurodegenerative brain disease often linked to repeated head trauma. We look at the results of the study, what we know and still don’t know about CTE, and what it all means for the future of football and other contact sports.

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