Reducing Teen Pregnancy Success Story, An Investigation Into Wisconsin Departments Receiving Military Equipment, What’s Happening In Congress

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When Colorado experimented with a program that provided free or low-cost birth control to teens, the state saw a 40% drop in teen pregancy. We talk with one of the organizers of the program about how it worked and if other states can follow suit. Then, we discuss an investigation into Wisconsin departments receiving military equipment and find out what our members of Congress are up to this week.

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  • USA Today Editor: Alaska Senate Race Could Have National Impact

    As political observers eye up some of the more influential U.S. Senate races unfolding around the country, one expert recommended looking to the cold state of Alaska for some hot politics.

    Paul Singer, politics editor at USA Today, said Tuesday’s primary defeat of Tea Party favorite Joe Miller by former state Attorney General Dan Sullivan was only the beginning of what will prove to be a contentious race to Capitol Hill.

    Joe Miller, who won the Senate primary in 2010 following an endorsement by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, couldn’t muster the votes needed to repeat a victory this year. Palin again endorsed Miller this election, but this time, her approval appeared to have no meaningful influence, according to Singer.

    “Sullivan had all the establishment Republican money behind him, and he was considered the tougher candidate for the Democrats to handle in the fall,” Singer said. “The Democrats really wanted to run against Joe Miller because they think he’s easier to paint as an extremist.”

    Now that the Republican ticket has been decided, Singer expects a very close race between Sullivan and incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Begich — one that will be flooded with out-of-state campaign donations. Singer estimated that $8 million has already been spent in the race so far.

    “It is going to be a barn burner, and it’s going to be one of a half-dozen races that will determine whether the Republicans or Democrats will control the Senate next year,” said Singer.

    While casual observers might not usually perceive Alaska as a hot spot for influential politics, Singer said that this year is different.

    “There will be an enormous amount of national attention,” he said. “There are not a lot of people up there, so they have an opportunity to have an outsized impact on national politics.”

  • How One State Saw A Forty Percent Drop In Teen Pregnancy

    Colorado saw a forty percent drop in teen pregnancy, over the course of a program providing free or low-cost birth control to many teens. One of the organizers of the program joins the show to discuss the program, how it worked, and whether it could be exported to other states.

  • What Military Equipment Has Gone To Wisconsin Police Departments

    In Wisconsin, 219 agencies have taken military equipment unused by the Department of Defense, up for grabs as part of the federal 1033 program. An investigative reporter takes a look at what departments received what equipment, in light of the forceful police response to unrest in Ferguson.

  • This Week In Congress – August 20, 2014

    USA Today Politics and Congress Editor Paul Singer joins Central Time for his weekly update on happenings in Congress.

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