The recycling market, Becoming a local

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When you toss something into the recycling, where does it go? We learn more about the journey our recycled goods take. We also talk about how to become a true “local” after moving to a new community.

Featured in this Show

  • Everything you need to know about recycling

    Ahead of Earth Day, we learn from a single-use plastics expert and legal associate what can and can’t be recycled, why, and what we can do as consumers to improve things.

  • A guide to becoming a local, finding community in a new place

    Moving to a new place is hard. You have to figure out your way around town, what shops have the stuff you need and which restaurants are your favorites. So what does it take to cross over from a new-comer to a local? And how do you find community in a new place you’re calling home? We talk to a journalist and author who wrestled with these questions.

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