Recording the Voices of Tigers in Milwaukee, Rebellion Against NCAA, Rise Of Authoritarianism

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A Milwaukee zoo is joining other zoos across the country in recording the unique voices of tigers to help researchers determine how many tigers are still in the wild. We talk to our guests about how using vocal communication could be useful in getting a tiger census, and what a zookeeper might need to do to record a tiger’s voice. College athletics generate nearly $13 billion a year, and student athletes are increasingly frustrated they don’t see any of that money. Our guest discusses his new book, which looks at the athletes’ growing rebellion against the NCAA. We also talk about authoritarianism’s place in the 2016 election.

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  • Milwaukee Zoo Joins Tiger Vocalization Study

    The Milwaukee County Zoo and zoos across the country are partnering with the Prustin Project, which takes recordings of sounds that tigers in captivity make, and uses them to help determine how many tigers are still in the wild. Our guests tell us more about how using tiger vocalization can aid in the effort to save the endangered species and what a zookeeper might do to record the voice of a tiger.

  • A New Book Explores The Rebellion Against The NCAA

    A new book “Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA,” explores the student athletes and others who are challenging what they call the association’s hypocrisy. We speak with the co-author.

  • The Rise Of American Authoritarianism

    Presidential candidate Donald Trump is leading in Wisconsin among voters in Wisconsin who say they will vote in the Republican primary, according to the most recent Marquette Law School Poll. Trump is leading all over the country, which has puzzled many analysts. His support seems to cross demographic lines and geographical lines. One reporter asked several political scientists why they think Trump is doing so well, and she shares her findings with us.

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