Recent Grads Looking For A Job, Learning To Draw, Absentee Ballot Applications To Be Sent To State Voters

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New college graduates are facing many challenges, including how the job market has changed. We discuss how to navigate it. Some people are taking time during social distancing to learn new creative hobbies. We get advice on learning to draw. And we talk about the unanimous decision by the Wisconsin Elections Commission to send absentee ballot applications to 2.7 million registered voters in the state.

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  • When Graduation Comes With Unexpected Challenges

    Finding a job after graduation— college or high school– is often a time of transition, sometimes a long and challenging one, but 2020 graduates are facing some unique obstacles. We talk with a university dean about how students are coping and what career advice universities are offering at this time.

  • Wisconsin High School Teacher Shares Tips For Anyone Learning To Draw

    Just because it’s not something you’ve done much before doesn’t mean you can’t give it a try. We ask a local Wisconsin high school art teacher to give us some pointers you can use if you’d like to do some sketching, no matter your skill level or perceived artistic abilities.

  • Wisconsin Elections Commission Approves Motion To Send Absentee Ballot Applications To State Voters

    The bipartisan Wisconsin Elections Commission voted unanimously Wednesday to send absentee ballot applications to roughly 2.7 million registered voters in the state. We’ll learn more about the move and how it could impact the November election.

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