Reactions To UW Budget Decisions, Downtown Milwaukee Comparisons, Community Group’s “Plan For Madison”

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Community leaders in Madison have come up with a plan that they say would provide “a framework for racial progress” for the city. We talk to one of the organizers about the project, and what changes he’d like to see. We also look at a report that compares the downtowns of Milwaukee and other big cities, and track reactions to the state budget committee’s decisions on key UW funding and governance questions.

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  • University, Lawmakers React To Finance Committee's Decisions On UW Budget And Governance

    Republicans on the Joint Finance Committee concluded their deliberation of budget changes to the UW System on Friday. They agreed to cut the UW System budget by $250 million, $50 million less than Governor Walker’s original proposal. They also voted to remove tenure protections from state law.

  • How Does Milwaukee's Downtown Compare To Peer Cities?

    How does Milwaukee’s downtown area stack up against similar sized cities? A writer breaks down the findings of a new report, which looks at the strengths and weaknesses of the city’s downtown.

  • Coalition Releases Plan For Racial Progress In Madison

    On Friday night, the Justified Anger coalition released their detailed plan for racial progress in Madison. The founder of the coaltion explains the plan and how optimistic he is for racial equality in Wisconsin’s capital city.

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