Racing nursing homes voting and Kleefisch ‘ballot harvesting,’ A little neighborhood art gallerist, Algae blooms study

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A voter turning in an absentee ballot in Madison, Wis.
A voter turning in his absentee ballot at the Lakeview Lutheran Church on Madison’s north side on Nov. 3, 2020. Steven Potter/WPR

We talk with a reporter and political scientist about a pair of elections stories, including voting at nursing homes in Racine and a strategic move by a Republican candidate for governor in Wisconsin. Then we learn about a project to share art in a community from the artist who started it. And a UW-Madison limnologist explains the surprising results of a study she led looking at the severity of algal blooms.

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  • The latest on voting at Racine nursing homes; plus Kleefisch calls for 'ballot harvesting'

    Republicans want state election officials to resign after the Racine County sheriff accused the Wisconsin Elections Commission of breaking state law at nursing homes. We get the latest on that situation. Plus, we look at Republican Rebecca Kleefisch’s plan to use “ballot harvesting” in her bid for governor.

  • You've heard of Little Free Libraries. What about a Little Free Art Library?

    We talk to a Wisconsin artist about why she decided to put her own twist on the classic Little Free Library by creating a free homemade art exchange.

  • Better understanding the problem of algae blooms

    The lead author of a new study into the severity of harmful algae blooms — and whether they’re getting worse — explains some of their findings.

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