The Racial Wealth Gap, High-Growth Jobs Often FIlled By Women, The Future of U.S., Israel, And Middle Eastern Relations Under The Trump Administration

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While racial gaps in income get significant attention, it turns out that racial gaps in wealth are even more important to look at. We find out why wealth, not income, determines long-term success. The service sector is one of the areas of largest growth for jobs, but more women than men tend to fill them. We find out why men are being left behind in high-growth industries. And we’ll discuss U.S. diplomatic policy in the Middle East under the Trump administration.

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  • Study: Inheritance Is Behind The Racial Wealth Gap

    The racial wealth gap between African-Americans and whites is big, and conventional wisdom has often attributed it to college education, family structures, or saving. A new study says those popular assumptions are wrong, and that inheritance has more to do with the wealth gap than previously thought.

  • Why Are American Men Being Left Behind Despite Opportunities Open Them?

    This past election brought into sharp focus the plight of men who feel they’ve been left behind in a new, global economy. More than a fifth of them are unemployed and yet, studies show that they are not taking advantage of service-sector job opportunities open to them. A sociologist provides details.

  • The Future of U.S., Israel, And Middle Eastern Relations Under The Trump Administration

    In a joint-U.S. and Israeli news conference yesterday, President Trump broke with nearly two-decades of U.S. diplomatic policy when he said he could support a One-State solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We’ll speak with International Relations Professor Steven David about what changes we could see to how the United States works with Middle Eastern countries under the Trump administration.

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