Racial Disparity Task Force, River Falls Youth Hockey Scores An Upgrade, How Ronald Reagan Changed Conservatism

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Jimmy Carter shakes hands with Ronald Reagan after debating in 1980
President Jimmy Carter shakes hands with Republican Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan after debating in the Cleveland Music Hall in Cleveland on Oct. 28, 1980. Madeline Drexler/AP Photo

We talk with the co-chair of a bipartisan task force on racial disparities in Wisconsin. Plus, after taking a chance in a national competition, River Falls Youth Hockey will receive $10,000 to upgrade their facilities. Then, the author of multiple books on the American conservative movement joins us to discuss his latest on President Ronald Reagan.

Featured in this Show

  • Democratic Co-Chair Discusses Hopes For Task Force On Racial Disparity

    A bipartisan task force on racial disparities, public safety, and policing in Wisconsin is taking shape. The Democratic co-chair of the task force talks about her hopes for the group’s work and whether it’s able to act with the urgency that many are demanding.

  • River Falls Hockey Facility Wins Rink Upgrade In National Contest

    While it didn’t win the grand prize, River Falls’ youth hockey facility made a strong showing in a recent national competition. We talk about what the Wildcat Centre means to the community and how organizers are planning to spend the $10,000 in prize money it was awarded.

  • President Ronald Reagan And The American Conservative Movement

    In 1976 Ronald Reagan lost the Republican nomination. He was dismissed as too ideological and too old to be president. Eight years later he swept the national election for his second term as President of the United States. Our guest chronicles what changed in American culture and politics during that time and the rise of conservatism in America.

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