Race In The Heartland, A Wisconsin Professional Wrestler, How To Treat The Whistleblower

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Acting Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker
Acting Assistant Secretary of State Philip Reeker, arrives to the Capitol for closed doors interview, about the whistleblower complaint that exposed a July phone call the president had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy in which Trump pressed for an investigation of Democratic political rival Joe Biden and his family, at the Capitol in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

We hear from a Wisconsin think tank that was part of assembling a new report on racial disparity in the Midwest. A local former professional wrestler tells us about his old job. And we discuss the possibilities and consequences of naming the whistleblower that kicked off the impeachment inquiry.

Featured in this Show

  • A New Report On The Racial Disparity In Wisconsin And The Midwest

    We discuss the results of a new report on racial disparity in the Midwest, including barriers for black Wisconsinites in Milwaukee and beyond, and policy recommendations for improving things.

  • Former Pro Reveals What It's Really Like To Be A Wrestler

    A local, former professional wrestler shares his love for what he did, despite countless injuries, encounters with bears (yes, the animal!) and wild car rides with rowdy colleagues. We learn about the complexities of the sport and what really made a match successful.

  • A Look At The Debate Over Identifying The Whistleblower

    President Donald Trump and some members of Congress are calling on the media to release the name of the whistleblower who triggered Trump’s impeachment inquiry. We look at whether Trump or others can legally out that person – and what the fallout may be if they do.

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