Questions of Constitutional protection, Debating keeping homework

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We talk with a Constitutional scholar about what it means, exactly, that our country’s founding document is a safeguard for our liberty. And an academic in pedagogy joins us to discuss the future — if any — of homework in schools.

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  • The US Constitution protects our liberty, but what does that mean?

    The U.S. Constitution protects some specified freedoms like the freedom of speech, but it also includes a protection of liberty in general. We talk with a Wisconsin professor about the ways in which the Supreme Court has interpreted that throughout history to modern day, and how it can be applied to protect public health and safety.

  • Is there still a place for homework in school?

    Some teachers have recently taken to social media to say homework should be eliminated. We look at the arguments for and against homework, how students can get the most out of their assignments, how parents can assist with school work, and more.

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