Questioning Your Parents’ Financial Advice, New Kids’ Beverage Guidelines, New Report On Domestic Violence Homicides

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We’re joined by a personal finance reporter to discuss whether we ought to revisit at the advice earlier generations gave their children about money. Then we learn about new guidelines for what young children should be drinking. And we discuss a new report from End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin.

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  • Writing New Personal Finance Rules For A New Generation

    Things like investing in your education and saving money to buy a house used to be fixtures of parents’ financial advice. But do those still work for this generation? We talk to a personal finance reporter who says we may need to start rethinking some of them.

  • New Recommendations Out For Kids' Drinks

    We talk with a professor and nutritionist about new beverage guidlines from leading health organizations for children aged zero to five.

  • New Report On Domestic Violence Homicides

    The latest annual Wisconsin Domestic Violence Homicide report shows nearly 50 people died due to domestic violence last year. We talk to the head of the organization that produced the report about its contents, and how people can prevent this type of tragedy from happening.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Julia Carpenter Guest
  • Beth Olson Guest
  • Patti Seger Guest

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