Questionable Companies And Government Contracts For Faulty PPE, Sesame Workshop Materials Help Kids With Incarcerated Parents, Coronavirus Outbreak Update

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The Walter Bauman Aquatic Center in Middleton
The Walter Bauman Aquatic Center in Middleton opened as scheduled even though many community pools around Wisconsin chose to remain closed for the season because of the coronavirus pandemic. In this June 23, 2020 photo, swimmers practice social distancing and are encouraged to wear face masks when out of the water. Shamane Mills/WPR

An investigative justice reporter informs us about millions of dollars’ worth of government contracts that went to questionable companies for coronavirus tests and protective equipment. Then we talk with a professor of human development about materials that have been found to assist children of incarcerated adults. And we discuss the uptick in COVID-19 cases in Wisconsin and several other states.

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  • Unproven Companies Received Contracts For Masks And Testing Equipment, Provided Flawed Products

    Millions of dollars in government contracts for protective gear and testing supplies have gone to questionable companies, some of which produced unusable equipment. We talk with an investigative reporter about the race for government cash and why much of it may be going to waste.

  • New Study Finds Sesame Workshop Materials Help Children With An Incarcerated Parent

    A recent study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison finds that resources developed by the Sesame Workshop can help children cope better with the incarceration of a parent. We talk to a researcher about the study.

  • Wisconsin Sees Uptick In Positive Test Rate As Other States Combat New Coronavirus Outbreaks

    Several states saw a major resurgence of COVID-19 in the last week, and Wisconsin’s positive test rate has started to rise. We talk with a doctor who specializes in infectious disease about the trends and what they mean for the safety precautions we should be taking.

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