Public Opinion In Government, Powers Of The Commander In Chief

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President Donald Trump
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President Trump and the Secretary of the Navy are part of a controversy about the status of a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes. We discuss what it says about the powers of the commander in chief. We also talk about how much public opinion does, and should, matter in state governance.

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  • President Trump, The SEAL Controversy, And What It Means To Be Commander In Chief

    President Trump is at the center of a controversy involving the military and a Navy SEAL accused of war crimes. We’ll talk to an expert about the Edward Gallagher case, Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer’s firing, and what it means to be the commander in chief.

  • How Much Does Public Opinion Affect State Government?

    Governor Evers and Republican leaders disagree on whether public opinion should guide policy on issues like health care and guns. We talk with a professor and former lawmaker about how much public sentiment does, or doesn’t, matter in state government.

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