Public Land Needs Our Protection, New Things To Tackle In The Kitchen Next Year, Defense Secretary Mattis Announces Resignation

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Pony Express National Historic Trail, Utah
Bureau Of Land Management  (CC BY 2.0)

The author of a new book makes the case that public lands need our protection and support. He explains why he believes privatization would be bad news. We also hear from our in-house foodie about new ingredients and techniques you can try to master in 2019, and we discuss the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

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  • Defense Secretary Mattis Announces Resignation

    Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis announced he will resign from his position at the end of February. His decision to leave came on the heels of President Trump declaring he would withdraw United States troops from Syria and Afghanistan against the advice from Mattis and others. We talk to Steven David, Professor of International Relations at Johns Hopkins University, about what the future of defense could look like in President Trump’s administration.

  • The Case For Public Lands

    Across the nation, conflicts are playing out over public lands, and who deserves to own them. While this issue of land ownership has been around for as long as we’ve had public lands, calls for privatization seem to be getting louder, and in some cases, moves are already being made, including President Trump’s order to reduce the size of two national monuments in Utah by two million acres. A guest author and professor of environmental studies makes the case that these moves are misguided, and public lands need our protection and support.

  • Food Friday: New Year's Kitchen Resolutions

    The new year is a great reason to try out something new in the kitchen. Whether it’s learning to master a cooking technique, a piece of equipment, or a new style of cuisine, practicing can be both intimidating and exciting. We give tips on some of the most common skills to tackle and hear your resolutions.

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