Protests In St. Louis, The Culture Of Ebola, Promoting Wisconsin’s Woodland Heritage

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There has been a lot of breaking news around the Ebola outbreak in Africa recently, including that the U.S. will screen passengers in five airports from West Africa. A UW-Madison professor who was in Liberia this summer discusses the fear surrounding the disease and how West African communities are responding culturally. We also look at four days of St. Louis protests, marking two months since the shooting of Michael Brown, and learn about a group in Eagle River dedicated to educating people about Wisconsin’s forests.

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  • 'FergusonOctober' Sees Renewed Protests In St. Louis

    Monday is the last day of the St. Louis campaign “FergusonOctober.” The four day event marks two months since white police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed African American teen Michael Brown.

  • Fear Of Ebola And Its Impact On U.S. And West African Culture

    The news that a Dallas nurse has contracted Ebola has reignited fears of the disease. How does fear affect cultural behavior here and abroad? How are West African communities empowering themselves amid this crisis of fear?

  • Eagle River Group Promotes Wisconsin's Woodlands Heritage

    Founded 70 years ago to help reforest Wisconsin, Trees For Tomorrow now helps educate kids and adults about the state’s forest lands. The director fo the Eagle River-based organization shares the group’s history and mission.

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