Protests Over ‘Zero-Tolerance,’ Making Streets Navigable For Visually-Impaired Pedestrians, The Growing Movement Of Death Doulas

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You may be familiar with the role of a doula who might help a pregnant woman bring her new baby into the world, but a growing movement of death doulas is doing something a bit different. We find out more about the people helping others find comfort in their end of life stages from our guest. We also discuss why traffic signals that make noise benefit those with disabilities and we look at the immigration protests held across Wisconsin this weekend.

Featured in this Show

  • Immigration Rallies Held Across Wisconsin, US Saturday

    Rallies and marches protesting President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy for migrants accused of crossing the US-Mexico border illegally were held across the country yesterday. We talk to a reporter who was covering protests in Green Bay.

  • Challenges Faced By Visually Impaired Pedestrians

    Audible traffic signals can be a tremendous help to blind and visually impaired pedestrians, but they are installed in only a tiny fraction of Wisconsin’s intersections. We’ll learn what it’s like to navigate those crossings, and what other options can help.

  • Supporting People As They Die

    Doulas are most commonly involved in the birth process, as a support to the mother and others. We talk with a Wisconsin death doula who helps people at the end of their lives.

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