Proposed Tuition Increases, Making Elections Fun, Repositioning UW

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With the UW System facing significant budget cuts, our guest believes it’s time for UW-Madison to strategically reposition itself more closely with the state’s business needs. From moving the headquarters to Milwaukee, to updating the Wisconsin Idea, we discuss his suggestions. We also explore the importance of making voting fun, and discuss proposed tuition increases for graduate and nonresident stuents at a handful of UW schools.

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  • Nine UW System Schools Propose Tuition Hikes For Graduate And Nonresident Students

    In response to proposed budget cuts, UW-Madison, along with 8 other schools, are looking to increase tuition on graduate, international, and nonresident students. Meanwhile, UW-Oshkosh announced they’ll be cutting two of the college’s sports programs as a cost-cutting measure. A reporter breaks down the latest University of Wisconsin system news.

  • Why We Need To Make Elections Fun Again

    Elections used to be fun, and they can be again. That’s according to a guest, who says it’s time to re-establish a festival atmosphere around elections, which means being loud and proud in the streets about the issues and policies of the day.

  • How To Make The UW System More Relevant To Wisconsin's Business Community

    One of the ways the UW System can stop making itself a target for legislators is for the system to align itself more closely with Wisconsin’s business community. A longtime businessman and political blogger shares his ideas for how to strengthen the relationship between the university and the business community, including rewriting the Wisconsin Idea and moving system headquarters from Madison to Milwaukee.

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