Proposal To Send Asylum Seekers To Sanctuary Cities, UW-Madison Home To Oldest Known Recordings Of Yiddish Songs, Foxconn Update

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The oldest known recordings of Yiddish songs, currently held inside UW-Madison’s music library, have been added to the National Recording Registry. We hear about these historic recordings from a librarian. We also get an update on Foxconn and its latest building plans and discuss the White House’s proposal from last week that included sending asylum seekers to sanctuary cities nationwide.

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  • White House Considered Sending Asylum Seekers To Sanctuary Cities

    The Washington Post reported last week that the White House proposed sending asylum seekers detained at the border to so-called “sanctuary cities”. We’ll talk about the politics at play and learn more about the state of U.S. immigration.

  • UW-Madison's Yiddish Music Cylinders Added To National Recording Registry

    UW-Madison’s music library is home to wax cylinders holding the oldest known recordings of Yiddish songs, made between 1901-1905. We talk to a librarian about the music, which is now part of the National Recording Registry.

  • What's Happening With Foxconn's Innovation Hubs Around Wisconsin?

    In addition to its main plant in Racine County, Foxconn has announced it will open innovation centers in Milwaukee, Racine, Green Bay, Eau Claire and Madison. We discuss the company’s plans for those regional facilities and a new report that says virtually nothing is happening with them.

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