Proposal Makes Solar Power Systems Part Of Building Process, Meals For Two, And Comparing The Foxconn And Amazon Deals

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A Milwaukee alderman has put forward a proposal that would require newly-constructed, small residential projects to have solar-powered energy systems. We hear more about costs and potential energy savings. We also learn about some great recipes when cooking for two on Food Friday. And we take a look at the incentive packages Foxconn and Amazon received.

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  • Comparing Wisconsin's Foxconn Incentive Package To New York And Virginia's Amazon Deal

    States have offered tax breaks and other incentives to companies for years in order to lure them to set up shop in their communities. Wisconsin offered a financial deal potentially worth more than $3 billion to Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer. And e-commerce giant Amazon announced it will open its new headquarters in Virginia and New York and will establish a new operations facility in Tennessee. That deal comes to around $2.4 billion. We’ll talk to Danielle Paquette of the Washington Post about how these deals compare and what it might mean for business development in the long term.

  • New Buildings In Milwaukee Could Be Required To Install Solar Panels Under New Proposed Legislation

    Construction companies building residential units in Milwaukee starting in 2019 could be required to include solar panels if proposed legislation is approved and then passed. We speak with Alderman Tony Zielinski of Milwaukee’s 14th District about what his goals are for the new legislation.

  • Food Friday: Making Delicious Dinners For Two

    If you’ve ever needed to cook for two, you know that there aren’t always a lot of ready-to-go recipes set up for a household your size. Today we talk to the executive editor of cookbooks at America’s Test Kitchen about their roundup of some of the best dinner recipes with all the scaling down done for you.

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