Program For Undecided College Students, Wisconsin Woman Crafts Diverse Dolls, Governor Evers Proposes Changes To Labor Laws

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Tony Evers
Gov. Tony Evers gives his first State of the State address in Madison, Wisconsin, at the state Capitol building on Jan. 22, 2019. Emily Hamer/Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

A New Berlin woman with a love for dolls has turned her hobby into a growing business, creating custom dolls for children that don’t see themselves reflected in the current toy market. We also hear about a college program to help students uncertain about their major, and we learn more about Governor Evers’ proposal to make changes to some Walker-era labor laws.

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  • Mount Mary College Launches Program For Students Undecided On Major

    Most students enter college being officially undecided on their major, something that can make a four-year graduation track more challenging. We hear about a program at Mount Mary College that will provide students with chances to learn more about which majors and careers they might be interested in pursuing.

  • Wisconsin Woman Fills Gap By Making Diverse Dolls

    A Wisconsin Woman’s own love for dolls has evolved into a project much larger, creating custom dolls for children around the country for whom dolls that look like them aren’t available in the average toy aisle. We talk to the social worker turned doll maker who is busy at work making dolls for children with limb-differences or other unique features.

  • Evers Backing Changes To Walker-Era Labor Laws

    Governor Tony Evers is proposing a repeal of Wisconsin’s right-to-work law and the return of the state’s prevailing wage, reversing changes made under former Governor Scott Walker. We talk about the impact of Walker-era labor laws and whether Evers’ ideas could gain any traction in the capitol.

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