Probable cause, Airlines and summer travel

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La Pointe Police Department squad car
A squad car used by the La Pointe Police Department on Madeline Island, which is trying to sort out how to maintain police service. 
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A law professor helps us better understand how probable cause works in Wisconsin after a state supreme court ruling. Then, we learn about what’s in store for summer air travel, including new proposed regulations from the Biden administration.

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  • How 'probable cause' works in Wisconsin

    A state Supreme Court ruling this week says police officers claiming to smell marijuana is enough justification for searching a car. We talk with a UW-Madison clinical associate Law professor about probable cause laws in Wisconsin and how this week’s court decision affects policing.

  • Summer air travel and proposed airline regulations

    We take a look at what to expect if you’re flying this summer. Plus, President Biden has proposed new federal rules that would make airline companies refund customers for cancelations or significant delays. An expert explains.

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  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
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