Prisoners Help Rehab Dogs, Latest News On Alzheimer’s Research, How To Explore A New City

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Travel season is in full swing and that means that many of us may be exploring new places. Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster speak with a travel expert who shares advice on how best to explore a new city. Then they learn about the latest research being presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and discuss a project geared at rehabilitating dogs with the help of prisoners.

Featured in this Show

  • Canine Corrections Academy

    A new program aims to pair prisoners with dogs deemed unadoptable in hopes that the inmates can rehabilitate them. The Sheriff behind the initiative explains why he believes this new “Canine Corrections Academy” will give the prisoners and the dogs a chance to succeed.

  • Alzheimer's Fight Focuses On Preventive Treatment And Other News From The Alzheimer's Association International Conference

    The Alzheimer’s Association holds its international conference this week in Copenhagen. The Executive Director of the South Central Wisconsin chapter discusses some of the new research being presented at the conference, including the benefits of lifestyle changes and preventive treatment.

  • Teach Me What You Know: Exploring A New City

    Planning a trip to an unfamiliar place can be exciting yet intimidating. This week, a travel expert teaches us what we knows about exploring a new city.

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