Presidents appeal to labor, Audubon Society name change

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A sign reads "UAW on strike"
United Auto Workers of local 868 demonstrate outside a Stellantis parts-distribution center, Friday, Sept. 22, 2023, in Morrow, Ga. Mike Stewart/AP Photo

A political journalist joins us to look at the strategies of Biden and Trump meeting with autoworkers in Detroit this week. Then, we’ll learn more about why the Madison chapter of the Audubon Society is changing its name.

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  • Biden and Trump's separate appeals to auto workers

    After President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump each appeared in Michigan this week — the former in an unprecedented show of striking union workers’ support and the latter at a non-union auto parts supplier — we talk about their strategies and look at some of the history of other presidents and their positioning around union labor.

  • What's in a name? A Wisconsin birding organization puts it to the test

    Last week, the Madison chapter of the Audubon Society announced that they will now be known as Badgerland Bird Alliance. The new name is the result of months of discussion after concerns were raised about the organization’s namesake, John James Audubon, who enslaved Black people and opposed emancipation. We learn more about the process of selecting this new name and what it means when an organization rebrands to disavow racist legacies and be more inclusive.

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