President Trump Says Google Is Suppressing Conservative Voices, Economic Development For Rural Wisconsin, How Much Is Your Smartphone Worth To You?

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The Apple iPhone X, left, costs $999 on average. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is around $800- $900.  (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Many of us use our smartphones everyday, maybe for email, a camera, social media and navigation but don’t necessarily account for that when we’re looking to buy one. We talk to a personal technology expert about how much we expect to pay for a quality phone and our rising expectations of how it should perform. We also hear from an experienced Wisconsinite about economic development in rural areas and we take a look at the latest news on Week in Washington.

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  • This Week In Washington – August 29, 2018

    Primary season is wrapping up, with election results in from Arizona and Florida. A congressional reporter breaks down what they mean for the midterms. We also look at the latest reaction to Senator John McCain’s death, and talk about changes to the Democratic superdelegate system.

  • How Rural Economic Development Works

    With an increasing amount of the national conversation focused on rural communities and their changing local economies, we look at how economic development works in rural Wisconsin.

  • Smartphone Prices Keep Getting Higher, Are Consumers Tagging Along?

    Just a few years ago the thought of spending $1000 on a smartphone would have been joke material. In 2018 its a reality for many and some consumers are barely flinching. We talk to a personal technology expert about where these higher prices came from out of the blue and how we think about the money we spend on smartphones.

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