PPP Funds Running Dry, Direct Electric Vehicle Sales, Foxconn And Digital Infrastructure

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A man talks on his phone while sitting in his electric car at a Tesla charging station Friday, April 2, 2021, Marin City, Calif. Eric Risberg/AP Photo

A popular federal aid program for small businesses harmed by the pandemic is running out of money, leaving lenders and business owners scrambling. We talk to a finance reporter about the story. Then, we talk to a state lawmaker who’s proposing a bill that would allow direct sales of electric vehicles in Wisconsin. And, we talk about an announcement from Foxconn that it will manufacture digital infrastructure hardware.

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  • As Paycheck Protection Program Runs Out Of Money, Lenders, Small Businesses Are Left Scrambling

    The U.S. Small Business Administration says funding for the Paycheck Protection Program is running out. We talk to a finance reporter about the panic that’s caused small businesses and lenders across the country.

  • Bill Proposes Direct Sales Of Electric Vehicles In Wisconsin

    We talk with a Wisconsin Republican State Senator about his proposal to allow for direct sales of electric cars in the state. We also hear the logic behind Wisconsin’s current law and discuss the electric vehicle future.

  • Foxconn Says It Will Manufacture Digital Infrastructure Hardware

    Foxconn announced earlier this month that it would manufacture digital infrastructure hardware. A reporter explains what that is, and what the future of the tech giant looks like in Wisconsin following the re-negotiated deal.

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