The power of our sense of smell, Why government scientists really do look for aliens

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Elizabeth Funk smells the aroma of a glass of Rubicon wine
Elizabeth Funk smells the aroma of a glass of Rubicon wine at the Rubicon Estate during the annual Napa Valley wine auction in Rutherford, Calif. in 2008. Eric Risberg/AP File Photo

An author and journalist teaches us about how our sense of smell works and what it is capable of. Then, we learn about why scientists look for extraterrestrial life as a science reporter joins us.

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  • The science of smell

    Did you know that your sense of smell can detect human emotions, and can even tell you when it’s going to snow? Author and journalist Jude Stewart tells us how, and takes us through the interesting world of smell in her latest book.

  • The government wants to look for aliens (yes, really). Here's why.

    Every decade, astronomers set their goals for what they want to achieve in their work. This decade, searching for alien life is at the top of the official list. A science reporter tells us why scientists value the search for extraterrestrials.

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