Powdered Alcohol, Life On The Margins, Parental Sleep Issues

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Many soon-to-be parents brace themselves for a future of sleepless nights and drowsy days. But does it have to be that way? Our guest believes we need to place a premium on sleep. We also discuss what it’s like to live on the fringes of “normal” society, and look at the debate over powdered alcohol – a federal agency has given to go-ahead to the substance, but Wisconsin is one of a handful of states looking to ban it altogether.

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  • Federal Agency Gives Powdered Alcohol The Go-Ahead As Wisconsin Considers Ban

    A federal agency has cleared the way for the sale of a new kind of alcohol in the United States: powdered alcohol. Meant to be dissolved in water, the powder has been raising safety concerns, and a handful of states, including Wisconsin, are looking to ban it altogether. The lawmaker behind Wisconsin’s proposed ban talks about why he opposes the sale of ‘Palcohol’ in the state.

  • Atypical: Life On The Margins Of Experience

    What is it like to see yourself as different and to be seen that way? A writer interviews people at the margins of experience about their everyday lives, including someone with superhuman memory, a short sleeper, and someone with a phobia of vomiting.

  • It's Time To Take Parents' Lack Of Sleep Seriously

    Our guest says we need to start taking the sleep deprivation of parents seriously because it’s an issue that has big impacts on health, work, and society.

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