The Potential Of Restorative Justice, Recruitment Challenges Facing Police Forces, A Lesson On Climate Change From One Wisconsin Village

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Police departments around the country and in our state are having trouble finding enough qualified applicants. We hear more about the problem from the head of Wisconsin’s police union. We also explore what restorative justice could do for the state’s criminal justice system and we hear about one Wisconsin village with a history lesson for today’s world.

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  • How Restorative Justice Can Shift Wisconsin's Criminal System

    Restorative justice is a reconciliation method that seeks mediation between offenders and victims when a crime has been committed. The overall goal of restorative justice is to allow all parties–including the community as a whole–to heal from crime. State Senator Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) joins us to talk about why she’d like to see restorative justice implemented more broadly in Wisconsin. And Jonathan Scherrer, Director of the Restorative Justice Project at the University of Wisconsin Law School’s Frank J. Remington Center, gives us a broad look at the method.

  • Police Departments Across Wisconsin, The Nation, Struggling With Recruitment

    Police departments around the country and across our state are facing challenges in finding enough suitable applicants to counter retirements and resignations. We talk with the head of Wisconsin’s police union about what factors are leading to the issue, and what efforts are being made to counteract them.

  • How A Wisconsin Village Can Be A Climate Change Model For The Nation

    It’s been forty years since the massive flood that ultimately caused part of the village of Soldiers Grove to move to higher ground. We discuss how it happened and how the new development became “Solar Town.” Our guest also explains why she says it can be a model for communities nationwide that are in the path of repeated and severe flooding.

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