Potential For Broadband Expansion Under Biden And Evers’ Plans, Making Sense Of Time In The Pandemic

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An economic development leader in the northern part of Wisconsin talks about some of the challenges related to broadband internet access and connectivity, and looks at how proposed state and federal money could have an impact. Then a researcher helps us understand why we may be experiencing time differently during the pandemic.

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  • What The American Jobs Plan And Evers' Budget Could Mean For Expanding Broadband In Wisconsin

    Thought they are still just proposals, we look at what President Joe Biden and Governor Tony Evers have put forward as funding priorities for expanding broadband access, and what those dollars could accomplish in the state.

  • How The Pandemic Has Distorted Our Sense Of Time

    There’s a name for the feeling that the past year has been one long bad day: Blursday. A researcher who studies how trauma impacts the brain joins the program to explain the ways the pandemic has distorted our ability to perceive time.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Sarah Hopefl Technical Director
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Brittany Beyer Guest
  • E. Alison Holman Guest

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