Possible New County Sales Tax, Eau Claire Solar Energy, Audiobook Boom

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An Eau Claire energy cooperative recently became the largest solar energy project in the state. Our guest explains the work that went into the project, and discusses the future of solar energy in Wisconsin. We also explore what’s behind the audiobook boom, and we take a look at a bill that would allow counties to levy additional sales taxes to pay for road projects.

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  • Bill Would Allow Counties To Raise Their Sales Tax To Pay For Road Projects

    A bill with bipartisan support would allow Wisconsin’s counties to increase their sales tax to fund transportation project. We find out what the implications may be.

  • Eau Claire Energy Cooperative Becomes Latest Community Solar Array

    Fall Creek-based Eau Claire Energy Cooperative became the newest and largest community solar project in the state. The Executive Director of RENEW Wisconsin joins us to discuss the project and the growth of community energy projects.

  • Listened To A Good Book Lately? The Audiobook Boom Is On

    Audiobook readership is on the rise, as phones and other gadgets have freed listeners from the CD and the cassette tape. A guest librarian shares her thoughts on what makes a great audiobook, and shares some recommendations.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Judith Siers-Poisson Producer
  • Rob Ferrett Producer
  • Jerry Deschane Guest
  • Jenny Arch Guest

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