Populism In America, Protesting A Father’s Detention, A World Of Accordions

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Does the defeat of Eric Cantor in a primary election signal a populist shift in the United States? Rob Ferrett and Gene Purcell talk with a historian, who puts some perspective on the election, and how populism has impacted party politics in the past. They also discuss the morning protests outside of Milwaukee’s immigration office, and learn about the Wisconsin-based home of over one-thousand accordions.

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  • Milwaukee Family Protests Immigration Raids

    Family members of Manuel Lopez protested in front of Milwaukee’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement office, asking for his release Thursday. He was detained during a city-wide raid on May 27th, resulting in 21 detentions.

  • Populism In American Politics, Yesterday And Today

    After the ousting of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary election, Central Time’s resident historian looks back at the history of populism in the United States, and how it has impacted party politics.

  • Wisconsin's Own World Of Accordions

    In today’s edition of Curious Wisconsin, meet the curator of A World of Accordions, a museum in Superior with over a thousand instruments, tributes to musicians, and some accordion jokes, too.

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