The Popularity Of Vinyl, Comics Are For Everyone, Wisconsin Officials Warn Of Invasive Insect Found In Wreaths Sold In The State

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From graphic journalism and manga to straight up comic books, the comic genre has exploded. And, it’s not just for superhero fanatics anymore. We talk to a comics expert about why the form is perfect for getting different messages across. We also talk with an audiophile about why, despite the many advances in music listening and sound, many music listeners still gravitate towards vinyl. And state officials are warning residents of a new invasive insect that was found in Wisconsin. A spokesperson joins us to talk about how residents can help stop the spread in elongate hemlock scale.

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  • Wisconsin Officials Warn Of Invasive Insect Found In Wreaths Sold In The State

    Officials with the state Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection are asking residents to burn or bag live evergreen items–such as wreaths–to prevent the spread of elongate hemlock scale. We speak with Donna Gilson of DATCP about the invasive insect and how it arrived in Wisconsin.

  • Why Many Music Lovers Still Reach For Records

    While there are other mediums that offer a higher quality of sound and of course, easier portability, many music listeners young and old continue to choose LPs. We talk to an audiophile about what records offer that other formats do not and how to get started with an affordable record player setup yourself.

  • From The Sunday Funnies To Graphic Memoirs: The Evolution Of Comics

    Whether you’ve been a dedicated comic reader since childhood or maybe recently heard of graphic novels, the art form has evolved over the years with the same blend of concise words and accompanying visuals to broach all kinds of topics, from dysfunctional family life to LGBT stories. We talk to the author behind the book that explores what it is that makes comics such a unique medium for conveying compelling expression.

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