Pompeo And NPR, Non-Major Sports, Impeachment Trial Recap

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mike pompeo secretary of state
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo

The Secretary of Stated disagreed with an NPR reporter about what happened before and after a tense interview. We talk about the incident. We also look back at today in the impeachment trial, with the President’s legal team making their defense. Plus, we ask about your favorite non-major sports.

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  • A Look At The Flare Up Between Pompeo and NPR

    NPR says it’s standing by its reporter after she said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out at her for asking him about Ukraine, a topic he said he didn’t pre-agree to discuss. He also said she failed to keep a post-interview conversation off the record. We talk with a journalism professor.

  • What Are Your Favorite Non-Major Sports?

    It’s a busy time for sports across the country with the Super Bowl coming up, basketball and hockey in full swing and baseball right around the corner. Today, it’s your turn to give a shout out to the rest of the field, such as lacrosse, wrestling, speed skating, water polo, and many others.

  • Senate Impeachment Trial Daily Recap – Monday January 27

    We catch up impeachment trial developments from over the weekend with a political scientist, and discuss the latest arguments being made on the Senate floor.

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