Poll On Public Funding For New Stadium, Happy Birthday Robert La Follette, Anti-Love Drug

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If you’ve ever been love sick, you can probably relate to new research on chemicals that can make you fall out of love. Rob Ferrett learns about what that fantastical seeming drug entails. Then he looks at a new poll that looks at attitudes towards public funding of a new arena in Milwaukee, and celebrates an early Birthday for Wisconsin legend Robert La Follette.

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  • Poll Shows Opposition To Public Funding For New Bucks Arena

    A new poll suggests regional and statewide opposition to public funding for a new Milwaukee Bucks arena. The president of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association for Commerce says despite the numbers, there’s still plenty of good reasons to think about a new arena in downtown Milwaukee.

  • Robert La Follette Shaped Wisconsin Politics

    Robert La Follette touched a lot of bases in Wisconsin politics. He served as a member of the US House of Representatives, was the Governor of Wisconsin, and was also a US Senator from 1906 to 1925. He ran for President of the United States as the nominee of his own Progressive Party in 1924. As Wisconsin gears up for another gubernatorial election, we’ll look back on the influential career of Fighting Bob La Fallotte with Jonathan Kasparek, professor of history at the UW-Waukesha and author of Fighting Phil: A Biography of Philip La Follette.

  • New Research Could Lead To Anti-Love Drug

    New research into chemically-enhancing or disrupting our romantic connections could lead to medication that could essentially make you fall out of love with someone. But would you ever take such a drug? One of the lead researchers in this area explains how drugs could affect your romantic life and what applications they could have.

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