Political Implications Of Justice Scalia’s Death, Brain’s Response To Music, “Blood Oil”

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Supporters of green energy decry oil for its effects on the environment, but could cutting our fossil fuels also help bring down oppressive regimes in the Middle East and Africa? Our guest believes cutting down on oil would be good for the environment and human rights. We also take a look at how our brains respond to music, and learn about the political implications of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death.

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  • The Battle Over Choosing A Successor for Supreme Court Justice Scalia

    Supreme Court Justice Scalia, who was lauded by conservatives and criticized by liberals, died over the weekend at 79. Our guest tells us about the political implications of the justice’s death, given that his passing takes place during an election year, when the president who appoints the justice is on the tail-end of his term.

  • The Brain And Music

    International surveys show people rank music as one the most supreme pleasures of life. Today, we look at new reserach that has identified specfic neural pathways in the brain that react exclusively to music.

  • Oil And Oppression

    An author makes the case that a global addiction to oil is fueling oppressive regimes, dictators, and violent terrorist groups–and that the Western world has a moral obligation to change things.

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