Police Body Cam Report, White House Suppresses Water Quality Report, Border Patrol Forcing Family Separation

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The Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission just received a new report looking at whether police body cams affect officers’ use of force. We’ll dig into the results. The Trump administration and the EPA blocked the publication of a study that found hazardous chemicals found in drinking water and other household products throughout the United States, including some military bases. We find out more from our guest. We also find out more about families being separated by border patrol.

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  • New Report Looks At Police Body Cams In Milwaukee And Use Of Force

    The Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission just received a federally-funded report that looks at body cams and whether they affect the use of force by police officers. We’ll find out what the data show, and whether any changes may be in the works as a result.

  • White House, EPA Sought To Block Report On Water Contaminants

    Emails show that the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency tried to delay a report on chemical pollutants due to fears of a “public relations nightmare.” The chemicals detailed in the study are the same that contaminated about 100 private wells in the Peshtigo area late last year. We talk about what the report found, as well as its political and environmental implications.

  • Trump Administration Says It Will Separate Families Crossing Into U.S. Illegally

    A Trump Administration policy could split up children from their parents when families illegally cross the border into the United States. Officials say they are enforcing the laws as they are. However, advocates say the zero-tolerance policy could prevent people from seeking asylum. Alise Coen, Assistant Professor of Political Science at UW-Sheboygan and UW-Manitowoc, joins us to talk about the policy.

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