Pocan On Green New Deal, How To Make A Salad That Feels Like A Meal, Green Jobs Could Be Good For Wisconsin Workforce

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Congressman Mark Pocan joins us to talk about his support for the resolution know as the Green New Deal. We go beyond the basic salad and talk about incorporating different greens, grains, maybe even some fruit in your next salad. We get tips from a Wisconsin farmer and self-proclaimed salad advocate to make even the most salad-hesitant person in your life give it a try. We also discuss what impact bringing more green jobs to the state could have on the economy and the workforce.

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  • Congressman Mark Pocan Discusses The Green New Deal

    Last week, Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) introduced a resolution known as the Green New Deal, a series of non-binding proposals aimed at transitioning the U.S. to renewable energies. Representative Mark Pocan of Wisconsin joins us to talk about his support for the deal.

  • The Art Of The Dinner Salad

    We learn the foundation of a great salad, from adding grains or a fruit to making an easy homemade dressing. Whether you are trying to give salad more of a chance or are just tired of your usual rotation, we’ll get creative ideas from a Wisconsin farmer.

  • Report Considers Effect Of Using Renewable Energy On Jobs, The Economy In Wisconsin

    A recent study from a Wisconsin think tank suggests that state could increase energy-related jobs and keep money within the state’s borders if it moved away from fossil fuel usage. We turn to the researchers behind the report to consider this and to understand the possible effects on the environment and public health.

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