Pocan On Benghazi Testimony, Veteran Art Event, Cooking For Fun

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An upcoming event in Whitehall will display works of art and writing by military veterans from around the state. The organizer explains how sharing their work forms a connection among veterans and the larger community. We also learn some fun homemade recipes that you can try in your own kitchen, and we talk to Representative Mark Pocan from Wisconsin about Secretary Hillary Clinton’s 11 hour testimony on Benghazi.

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  • Mark Pocan Weighs In On Clinton's Benghazi Testimony

    Hillary Clinton testified to the House select Committee on Benghazi for nearly eleven hours Thursday. Despite intense grilling and even arguing among the representatives present, it appears that there was no new information discovered about what happened in Benghazi, Libya on September 11th 2012.

    Criticism that the Republican-led committee is politically motivated has been heavy is recent weeks. Representative Mark Pocan, Democrat from Wisconsin weighs in.

  • Veteran's Art Festival In Western Wisconsin

    A military veteran is setting up an event for other service members to share their writing and art with the community. The event’s creator and a writer join us to talk about the importance of art in life after military service.

  • Food Friday: The Homemade Kitchen

    Our Food Friday guest said she cooks not just to eat, but for more. She explains her philosophy on home cooking and shares her recipes for cooking with pleasure.

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