Pipelines And Property Rights, Gendered Food Trends, Sexual Harassment On College Campuses

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The Enbridge oil pipeline spans the entire length of Wisconsin, and crosses many private properties. A reporter shares how the Wisconsin legislature made it easier for Enbridge to condemn private property to clear the way for another potential pipeline. We also examine how the language used to describe food trends is strongly tied up with gender. And we discuss the issue of sexual misconduct within academia in light of new revelations about harassment by a UW professor.

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  • Pipelines And Private Property Rights In Wisconsin

    An oil pipeline in Wisconsin, owned by Canadian company Enbridge, runs from Superior to the Illinois border, a route that includes more than 1,000 private properties. While the company has negotiated easements with the property owners, it also has the ability to use the state’s eminent domain power to condemn private land for construction. We talk about a 2015 change in Wisconsin law that makes it easier for Enbridge to use that power and the uphill battle that some citizens have waged against the multi-billion dollar company.

  • Do We Diminish Foods Associated With Women?

    Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yogurt. Salads. Cupcakes. They’re examples of foods that are commonly associated with women and are likely to get eye rolls from foodies after they hit their peak. Our guest makes the argument that foods associated with women are unfairly diminished, while those associated with men are elevated.

  • Sexual Harassment On College Campuses

    The Department of Urban and Regional Planning at UW-Madison got a lot of attention over the weekend. The Wisconsin State Journal published an article about the department’s struggle with sexual harassment surrounding one prominent professor, Harvey Jacobs. The article says Jacobs’ alleged conduct had long been known in the so-called “whisper network” of women in the department. A survey on sexual misconduct at UW-Madison in 2015 revealed that about half of the responding female graduate students had experienced sexual harassment during their time at the university. About one in five of those who experienced harassment said a faculty member was responsible for the misconduct. We talk to an expert about sexual harassment on college campuses.

    Have you ever experienced sexual harassment in college? How did you address the behavior? If you work on campus or go to school, what is the climate like in your department? What do you think we need to do to stop sexual harassment on campus?

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