Picky eating, Military leadership vacancies

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This week’s edition of Food Friday helps us cook for the picky eaters in our lives. Then, a political scientist walks us through the holdups in Congress that have left national defense leadership positions with interim leadership.

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  • Food Friday: Cooking for picky eaters

    Everyone has different palates, and some people are less open-minded about foods than other people. A cookbook author and food blogger joins us with tips for cooking for picky eaters and trying to mask the flavors of foods you don’t like.

  • How Sen. Tommy Tuberville's hold on military positions is affecting national defense

    Since February, Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville has held up promotions and confirmations of hundreds of military members, going up to the Chiefs of Staff, because of his disagreement with the Defense Department’s policy to support members traveling to states where they can access abortion medical care. We talk with a political scientist about how this compares to previous holds in Congress, and how the standoff is affecting the state of U.S. armed forces.

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