Philosophy Of Running, Changing Attitudes Towards Pot, Acing Job Interviews

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Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett find out what an author has learned from spending time running with his wolf, explore Americans’ changing attitudes towards marijuana, and learn how to ace a job interview.

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  • Expert Gives Advice On How to Ace A Job Interview

    With a sluggish economy continuing and high competition for both skilled and service employment, performing well in job interviews is extremely important. Without formal interview training, it can be easy to flounder during an interview, miss key points one might have intended to highlight and misrepresent oneself to a prospective employer.

    Andrea Lowe, a career-advising counselor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, helps prepare students to enter the job market. Lowe said there are things to know before, during and after an interview that can help boost performance and enhance the chances that the offer will come a person’s way.

    In terms of preparation, Lowe said it’s a good idea to assess one’s experience and skills so it’s easier to point out ways in which they can position themselves as a good match for the prospective job and organization. Another idea, according to Lowe, is to develop a repertoire of stories about an individual’s work history to have at at their fingertips so that when that big question comes, the person doesn’t find themselves fumbling for an answer.

    Another tried but true technique: Practice in front of a mirror or with a friend, said Lowe.

    She suggests people familiarize themselves with the organization before the interview. It can be helpful to get to know someone who works there, but they can also gather information about the company culture by “looking at their website, mission statement and organizational structure.”

    On interview day, get to the general area about 30 minutes early, Lowe recommends. The interviewee doesn’t have to go straight to the interview site, but maybe relax at a nearby coffee shop. As for dress, “find out what the dress code typically is, then take it up a notch,” said Lowe.

    During the interview, Lowe suggests the acronym “CAR” — or context, action, result. Having a formula like this can stop someone from rambling during answers, she said.

    Finally, she suggests writing a thank-you note. They’re still an important part of the process today and Lowe’s advice: Wite it almost immediately to make it effective.

  • Philosophy And Running

    Runing and philsophy have always gone hand in hand for our guest, who muses on meaning and mortality while on the run with his dogs. We’ll explore how running can free the mind.

  • CNN Poll: 55% of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

    According to a new poll, a majority of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana in the United States. An author explains the reasons for the changing attitudes towards the drug.

  • Teach Me What You Know: Acing A Job Interview

    This week on “Teach Me What You Know,” a career adviser from the University of Wisconsin shares tips on how to ace a job interview.

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