Pharmacy staffing challenges, College financial aid

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We learn more about the workforce shortages and burnout causing problems for the pharmacy industry in Wisconsin. Then, a financial aid expert takes us through a new effort to be more transparent in the process.

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  • Wisconsin's pharmacy workforce faces challenges, opportunities

    Pharmacists have been on the front lines of healthcare since the start of the pandemic, and the profession is facing staffing shortages and high levels of burnout. We check in with a pharmacy leader about how these trends are playing out in Wisconsin.

  • Over 300 colleges agree to be more transparent about financial aid process

    359 institutions, including UW-Madison, UW-Madison, UW-Green Bay and UW-River Falls, have agreed to standardize financial aid offers to undergraduates, a step towards transparency in a process that is often opaque and confusing for students. A financial aid expert explains.

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