PFAS Regulations, Beating COVID Relief Scams, Democratic National Convention Preview

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Downtown Milwaukee
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The Democratic Party starts its scaled down convention this week, with some events still happening in Milwaukee. We preview what to expect from the week ahead. We also get an update on how firefighting products containing PFAS pollutants will be regulated. And we learn how to identify and avoid scammers using government aid to take advantage of people.

Featured in this Show

  • Firefighting Foam Regulations Delayed After Industry Intervention

    We talk with an environmental reporter about what’s happening with regulations for the use and storage of firefighting foam that contains hazardous chemicals known as PFAS.

  • Identifying And Avoiding COVID-19 Relief Money Scams

    A Better Business Bureau leader from Wisconsin tells us how to spot bad actors trying to take advantage of people promised economic relief money by the government.

  • Democratic National Convention 2020: What To Look For During The Virtual Event

    The Democratic Party kicks off its 2020 convention tonight. This week the party will formally nominate former-Vice President Joe Biden as its candidate for president. The event was slated to take place in Milwaukee this summer but was moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll talk to a political scientist about the convention and what voters should expect over the next few days.

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