Personality science, Russia-Ukraine misinformation

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A journalist shares her research and exploration into personalties and whether we can change them. Then, a social media and politics professor and a sociology professor join us to explore the role misinformation and social media is playing in the Russian attacks in Ukraine.

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  • The science of personality and one journalist's experiment to see if she could change hers

    We all have things we love about ourselves, and things that, well, not so much. We talk to a journalist with The Atlantic about her recent piece on the science of personality, and her three-month experiment to see if she could change her own.

  • Combating misinformation from the Russian war on Ukraine

    The Biden administration briefed social media influences on the Russian attacks on Ukraine, in an effort to curb misinformation. We look at how misinformation spreads and what how it’s influencing the conflict in Eastern Europe.

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  • Lorin Cox Producer
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