Perseid Meteor Shower, Milk Prices Falling, Charging Teens As Adults

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Two 13-year-old girls from Wisconsin will be tried as adults in an attempted murder case that has gained national attention. Our guests discuss the reasoning behind keeping kids in adult court. We also explore how falling milk prices affect state farmers, and get the latest on the upcoming Perseid Meteor Shower.

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  • Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Wednesday Night In Wisconsin

    The annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to peak on Wednesday and Thursday nights in Wisconsin, and they’re expected to put on a better-than-average show this year. An expert from the Milwaukee Public Museum planetarium shares tips for vieweing the Perseids.

  • What's Behind Falling Milk Prices?

    Milk prices have been falling lately, creating problems for farmers throughout Wisconsin. A dairy anaylst looks at the reasons for the falling prices, and when things might turn around.

  • Trying Juveniles As Adults

    Two 13-year-old suspects in a high-profile attempted murder case in Wisconsin will be tried as adults, after a judge rejected an attempt to move them into juvenile court. Law experts weigh in on when and whether youth should be tried, and punished, as adults.

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